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Synopsis – Blooming by Louise Schroader Epperson

Blooming is the story of one woman’s journey through rape, divorce, job discrimination and raising four daughters alone to recovery, experience and wisdom proving that the best revenge is not just to survive but to live well and bloom. 

The various settings can be suggested by furniture and tight lighting.  Throughout the play, on an elevated platform or stage apron there is a writing desk.  The play spans 20 years, from about 1975 to 1995.


Cricket Evans – Mother of 4 daughters, usually wears something yellow.

Lee Ann – Oldest daughter

Becky – 2nd daughter and nurse kin keeper

Katie – the invisible middle child daughter

Rona – the youngest daughter/ Ms Newsom / Ms. Howards

Ralph Conner – Cricket’s boy friend

Police Officer/ Male Speaker / Mr. Skyler

County Attorney/ Harold Bingham

Rita – Cricket’s friend/ Female Class Member #2

Jay Marshall

Volunteer / Female Class Member #1 / Joan Chrest 


Note – At least 5 of the actors must play multiple roles.  At the beginning of many scenes the elderly Cricket, seated at the writing table with her back to the audience during the voice over, can be any cast member not used in the scene that follows, dressed in the appropriate wig and yellow bathrobe.