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  • Angels and Demons

    Angels and Demons

  • Beggars Did Ride

    Beggars Did Ride Synopsis This farce results from a dream of wishes fulfilled.  During the upheaval of the feminist movement of the early 70’s, families, couples and society were still struggling to deal with changing gender roles.  Rose and Ernie Carr have a heated late night argument about opportunities for women which Ernie ends by […]

  • Harmony

    Harmony By Louise Schroader Epperson Synopsis In 1814 a German religious sect led by Father Rapp established a utopian society on the Indiana banks of the Wabash River.  They were very industrious and so successful that by 1824 Father Rapp felt they had too much free time on their hands for singing societies and such […]

  • Living With…

    Living With…

  • Maud

    MAUD By Louise Schroader Epperson Synopsis Maud Powell was America’s first virtuoso, male or female.  She was born in Peru Illinois in 1862 and after she had learned all American teachers could offer, she studied and concertized in Europe, later returning to an acclaimed career in the United States.  When the phonograph was invented she […]

  • Oranges At Lunch

    Oranges At Lunch By Louise Schroader Epperson Synopsis Charlotte Shaw, the wife of playwright George Bernard Shaw, tells us about their life together and the many other women in his life who provided him inspiration and character models.  Running time is about 45 minutes. The setting is simply an open space about 12’ by 12’ […]

  • The Pink Lady

    The Pink Lady By Louise Schroader Epperson The Pink Lady explores the life and career of Helen Gahagan Douglas, U.S. Congresswoman in the 1940s.  Before going to Congress she had been an opera singer and Broadway actress.  After marrying Melvyn Douglas and moving to Hollywood to pursue his movie career, she became involved in California […]

  • The Porno Shop

    The Porno Shop  by Schroader Epperson Synopsis – The adventures of a group of older women in a porno shop.  Running time – 15 to 20 minutes   Cast – All women are of retirement agePeggyEdithAgnesFrancesJoanBartender/Shopkeeper – Large black man, any age. Set is only a large long bar which on one side is fitted with […]

  • Preacher Woman

    Preacher Woman

    Louisa Mariah Layman Woosley 1862 – 1952 Cumberland Presbyterian Minister   Book by Louise Schroader Epperson and Performed by Louise Schroader Epperson Copyright © 2006 During a Convention of Presbyterian Women in Louisville I was given the opportunity to perform a one-woman play that I have written about the life and ministry of the first […]